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Submission: Ladies, Don’t Cringe

Before I start, let me just take a moment to give God praises for what HE does. If you woulda told me2 years ago
that today I would be blogging about the advantages of submission, I woulda looked at you like you CRAZY. It’s
taken me a loooong time to accept this calling…matter fact, there are still some things I just can’t toss back and
swallow until a godly person sways me otherwise. (Hint hint)

Let’s discuss this issue of submission: shall we? S-u-b-m-i-s-s-i-o-n…almost synonymous with enslavement or
surrender of rights – at least that’s what I once thought. Now, more mature in the faith and more secure in my
identity I don’t shudder when I hear this word used CORRECTLY.

I began to consider this Submission thing as a potential asset to my Christian portfolio about a year or so ago. I
would like to say that it came over me and I caught it in the midst of a praise break or quiet devotional moment
but that ain’t happen, cap’n. God spoke in the midst of a Hurricane Katrina storm in my life. In hindsight, I know
that had I been more secure in who I was: a woman & a child of God, then I probably wouldn’t have wasted so
much TIME and EMOTION on fighting His sovereignty.

Submission – Webster’s definition:
1: (a). A legal agreement to submit to the decision of arbitrators
(b). An act of submitting something (as for consideration or inspection); also: something submitted (as a
2: The condition of being submissive, humble, or compliant
3: An act of submitting to the authority or control of another

Submission in your FAITH
Mark 14:36 On the eve of his betrayal, Jesus prayed to God for rescue from the suffering he was about to endure. In
the ultimate act of submission to God's will, Jesus here states his acceptance of God's will, whether or not his prayer
is answered the way he personally prefers.

I’ve learned the longer I fight God’s will, the longer I spend in recovery. REAL TALK. I know I’m stubborn and lack
a lot of self-control, but I’m also an analytical person. So that means I notice patterns, of thought, of action, of
speech, etc. So I asked myself, “Self, why are you so stressed out?” Besides the fact that I wear a lot of hats, I had
to understand that I’m fighting the battle that Yolanda Adams told me a long time ago that “isn’t mine to fight.”

So now I search for a promise that God gave His children and STAND ON IT! If it isn’t real to me, how can I expect
God to fulfill it? Matt 6:33-34 “Seek first...” So I began to say LORD, now you said if I seek you above all thing that
you will give me the desires of my heart. I’m seeking you and I pray in the spirit of expectation that you know my
heart’s desires and when they LINE UP with your will for my life, God you will grant it. Take note of a few things:
1). I did not adjust the scripture to justify my desire. 2). I acknowledged that God has the FINAL say, 3). I let God
know that not only do I believe He is able, but I EXPECT Him to deliver in His own timing and 4). I’m admitting that
some of my desires might not line up with God’s will so if I’m noticing a delay, maybe I need to adjust my plan in
exchange for God’s will. I need to SUBMIT my thoughts, life and desires to the LORD and let Him approve ‘em.

Now there are levels of authority, outside of the Lord, that I must submit myself to. Let’s dive in!


Family (older siblings, parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, basically anyone older than me)

Basic rule of thumb: LOVE covers a MULTITUDE of mess. Although my family stress me out at times either because

of miscommunication, mistakes in judgment or simply because they won’t let me get my way. I have to respect
them – I should WANT to respect them as they are a reflection of me, carry my family’s name and at the end of the
day, THEY ALL I GOT! Love y’all by the way!

Occupational (my veteran co-workers, supervisors (and their bosses), the HR department (policies)

Basic rule of thumb: Since they affect whether or not my paycheck comes, I gotta abide by the rules. *Note: If God
gave me the job, He can take it away* It comes a time when even they must understand that you can’t expect
what you’re not willing to offer. You disrespect me once: I’m gonna bite my tongue…twice: I’m gonna send you a
very professional e-mail that explains where we stand three: I’m gonna ask the Lord for forgiveness: I might just let
my mouth work for the enemy OR whatever happens, after this experience with me, you gon’ know what NOT to
do next time this opportunity presents itself.

Citizenship (Police, IRS, City of KCMO, City Officials, President)

Basic rule of thumb: If I break a law and get caught, I’m going to jail or I’m paying a fine (in some cases both). If
I own some property, they TAXING. If I buy something, THEY TAXING. Whenever I make $, guess what, they DO
TOO! But they sho’ bettah be prepared to PROVE I owe anything and/or I was the one who “shot the deputy” – I
document A LOT and trust, mama didn’t raise NO FOOL!

Submission in MARRIAGE

Ephesians 5:22-23 Husbands and wives are both called to submit to and serve each other, using Christ's relationship
to the church as their model. Because Christ's life was dedicated to serving others, that should be our model for
relating to our spouses.

I really can’t spend a lot of time on this section due to the following:

1. I’m not married.
2. I still struggle with this.
3. There are too many people using submission as an excuse for a man to act a plum fool and for a woman

to stick it out, by any means necessary. So if I discuss how I really feel, y’all might think I’m crazier than ya
did before you read it. As a matter of fact…let me go ahead and break my philosophy down…

TAMZ PHILOSOPHY OF SUBMISSION IN MARRIAGE: I can’t submit to a man if he ain’t submitting to GOD!
I will not become engaged, marry or ‘work it out’ with/to a man that no longer submits to GOD! I will
not remain married to a man who done lost every piece of the good sense God gave him (i.e. verbal &
physical abuse, infidelity, etc.). #ThatIsAll

Your thoughts?
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