Pledge to Myself

The constant chatter of the demands of my day reminds me why I love being on the go.  I can forget about my lasted frustration of not sticking to my diet and exercise routine.  Well, at least until it’s time to get into that dress I bought on sale that was two sizes too small.  Busy work always makes us feel like we’re doing something, but is it of any importance.  I’m guilty of consuming my day with a lot of errands, but those errands at times are nothing more than fillers.  As we go along our day ladies let’s make sure those fillers in our days are with a purpose.  So, I’m rededicating myself to making sure my time is with a structured purpose in mind.  So I decided to make this pledge:

I will remember me and not feel guilty about taking the necessary time to develop myself into the person I want to be.
I won’t apologize for the growth I’m going to make as I become a stronger version of me.
I will give myself the right to laugh at my mistakes and know that I will have plenty of new mistakes in the future to learn and laugh from as well.

Growing with a purpose is going to hard maybe that’s why I’ve been avoiding it like the gym.  Since, the desires of our hearts won’t be fulfilled by anyone else; let’s get to work on ourselves.  When we become stronger the group as a whole gets stronger.   

When My?

When my caramel skin revealed no stretch marks on my belly
To snitch on me that I was someone’s mom.
When my tailored fitted suit didn’t require an adjustable waist option to fit.
When my vacations were random road trips planned the day before
With no sleep required to hit the road.
When I could eat Ramen noodles for breakfast, lunch, & dinner and not get sick.
When my love of my life was my boyfriend
That cheated on me with two and three others.
When my head was all messed up with things that didn’t mattered.
When my time was all mine, but I didn’t know what to do with it.
When my time was all mine…
When my time was all mine…
Ain’t nobody stole the damn clock.

Kristi Odums 

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  1. This is a pledge that we all need to say for ourselves. I know I do.